I'm SomehowScott. I make content (or at least will at some point lmao) and I run this website! I'll mainly use this website as my main page to give some information on who I am and what Dripstone is, give updates on future "stuff", write my blog and write my story! Also, while you're here, make sure to check out Micah, my partners', Tumblr! They're an incredible artist and you should go and see some of their art! They're drawing the art for my story and basically create every piece of art that I and Dripstone use! They also take commissions if you would like a piece of art of your own!

Go to our Blog section! There is where I will post updates on future projects I and/or Dripstone are working on. I will mainly use this blog to document my own personal life and to give my perspective and input on things. Check it out now, it's most likely been updated! Don't forget to sign my Guestbook, too!


Dripstone is a group of my friends where there is never a filter! Thank you for watching the show!

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