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Hello, I'm Scott, welcome to my blog! I'll be talking about myself and other stuff related to my personal life.

NEW life update

July 30th | 11:03 AM

Hello! its been almost 3 months since my last blog post (holyyyy SHIT) and i just wanted to write again! ive been wanting to do another blog post for a long time but i just kept pushing it off because of how boring my life is lmao, basically nothing in my life has changed or theres nothing "blog worthy" enough. stuff has been really boring especially now since my partner has been in new hampshire for 3 weeks, and ive just had no motivation to even get out of bed aswell for that time.

My partner is writing their own story, "Mika", and it ties into my story, "Scotch"! Its a love story where the characters Mika and Scotch are based on me and my partner and details about the characters lives and interests, and also their crush on one another, although theyre unaware that they both have feelings for each other. From what we've written so far, im really happy with it! We havent gotten any motivation to write the stories though as of late so i plan to continue writing it soon when they come back!

as for this blog, i want to continue updating the website and writing blogs but the spark and feeling from doing it at the start quickly diminished. im sure its just my mood as of late though, i do still want to update the website and make blog posts because its fun and i want to create something and spend time on it. i want to look back on it in the future and be happy i made this place. i honestly dont know what i want though but ill figure something out. most likely i will try and do blog posts from time to time but as for the website itself, im not sure. (its hard when you have a boring life and are never in the mood to do anything)

anyways, this has been a nice little checkup after 3 entire months. I know i keep repeating myself but, like i said, the next post wont take as long. i promise! Goodbye, i love you!