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this is an archived blog

Hello, this is an archived blog! All of these blog posts are old. Im too lazy to sort them by month or date so its just every single blog post ive ever made in order of newest to oldest lol.

NEW life update

July 30th | 11:03 AM

Hello! its been almost 3 months since my last blog post (holyyyy SHIT) and i just wanted to write again! ive been wanting to do another blog post for a long time but i just kept pushing it off because of how boring my life is lmao, basically nothing in my life has changed or theres nothing "blog worthy" enough. stuff has been really boring especially now since my partner has been in new hampshire for 3 weeks, and ive just had no motivation to even get out of bed aswell for that time.

My partner is writing their own story, "Mika", and it ties into my story, "Scotch"! Its a love story where the characters Mika and Scotch are based on me and my partner and details about the characters lives and interests, and also their crush on one another, although theyre unaware that they both have feelings for each other. From what we've written so far, im really happy with it! We havent gotten any motivation to write the stories though as of late so i plan to continue writing it soon when they come back!

as for this blog, i want to continue updating the website and writing blogs but the spark and feeling from doing it at the start quickly diminished. im sure its just my mood as of late though, i do still want to update the website and make blog posts because its fun and i want to create something and spend time on it. i want to look back on it in the future and be happy i made this place. i honestly dont know what i want though but ill figure something out. most likely i will try and do blog posts from time to time but as for the website itself, im not sure. (its hard when you have a boring life and are never in the mood to do anything)

anyways, this has been a nice little checkup after 3 entire months. I know i keep repeating myself but, like i said, the next post wont take as long. i promise! Goodbye, i love you!

life update

May 8th | 12:16 AM

Hello!! It's been a loooonggg time since the last blog post (sorry!) but a lot has happened since the last time. I started to date Micah! I mentioned them in the first ever blog post, they are the creator of the art thats on this page and basically every other piece of art I use!! Go to their tumblr and look at more of their art (its beautiful!) here: Micah's Tumblr.

I've been way happier lately because of this. Last year I was incredibly depressed and had no self worth, but now im dating the absolute love of my life! I am actually starting to turn my life around!!! On a different note, one of my friends, Devin, recently left our friend group. I won't go into many details but im basically the last remaining person in the friend group that actually kept in contact with him and actually see him as a friend still. He told me that leaving the friend group has helped him go outside more and do more things that hes always wanted to do, and i respect him for it. Im happy to see that he's also doing good and turning his life around.

thats about it though really, ive stopped making the blog a priority so expect less of them in the future. Ive been writing my story for a long time (which is here) and i am absolutely loving where its going. I've started having my sister help me writing and Micah is lending their art skills for almost all of the art thats being used in the story! Goodbye and thank you for reading todays blog post. Goodnight, I love you!


April 22nd | 4:08 AM

Hello! Short update blog today: Im writing a story! thats right, this little character that is on the screen right now on the left is getting an entire story with an introduction/backstory type thing! It's a work in progress right now but ive written a bit of it already rightttttt HHHHHEEEEERRRRRREEEE

I've been focusing some of my time on writing a story similar to this for a while, which is why this blog hasn't been getting as much love. But i will still try and juggle both! I've gotten around 860 words done on this story so far in less than 30 minutes. Don't worry though, the shrine and the extra pages on this website will come soon (not soon enough). also, im doing fine, both physically and mentally. Ive still been sleeping pretty badly (especially the fact that it is 4 AM right now) but i have started to fight the urge to sleep by playing games and talking to my friends. anyways, goodbye, i love youuuu!


April 16th | 2:34 AM

Hello! long time between the last blog, its what i get for starting a blog while having a relatively uninteresting life lol. I was randomly feeling really tired this week. I didnt changed the way i ate or the time i went to sleep so i dont know why i was really tired. Its starting to go away thankfully so i can actually DO stuff. Recently, me and my friends (dripstone) have been trying to find new games and stuff to do. We started a new minecraft server today and we're to have a war later (because thats what normal and sane people do). We've also been playing games on some emulators like playing little big planet 2 on a ps3 emulator and playing super mario 3d world on a wii u emulator, and its been actually really fun. One of the friends (devin) in the friend group has been off doing his own thing for a while, combine the fact he only really regularly plays one game and that he sleeps all day and is awake all night, you can see that we havent spoken to that friend in at least 2 weeks lmao. I still wish that he would at least join the call and talk to us or something but hm. He still regularly calls me though, so thats cool. Ive also been trying to set up more in person stuff with my friends (basically making up for lost time). another friend (hyper) who lives in california has been wanting to come to our state for a long time. Mostly everyone in our friend group lives in the same place (or at least the same state) but hypers the only one that lives across the country, also, i watched the mario movie. It was pretty good but i felt like it could have been longer since it did feel weird at some parts and forced due to pacing because of how short the movie felt. Other than that, the movie was really really good and im happy that the post-credits scene looks like its showing a possible sequel or spin-off movie in the future, a luigis mansion movie is all ive ever wanted lmao. anyways, ive just been way happier recently. Looking back on it now, i wasn't really that happy even as recently as a couple months ago to a year ago. ive been talking to new people that care about me and i feel like i have been wayy more caring and loving to the people that i already know. Ive also been getting more people be caring and loving to me its what i thank for me being happy now. i love and care about everyone that i know.

my school is having a dance soon and me and the person im going with already have an entire matching outfit and a bunch of stuff that we want to do at the dance and after it! Im also planning on baking a pie or some other thing like that this weekend with them so im looking forward to that! Anyways, all the past posts (which you should totttallly read heheehhahaha) are in the archive and theyre in order by newest post. Thank you so much for reading the blog and (hopefully) actually caring, i love you, Goodbye!


April 9th | 1:43 AM

Hey! Ive been really happy lately. Not that ive been unhappy before, but ive just been like really happy lmao. I used to promise that these blogs would be multiple times per week but as of late, i havent really been keeping my word. i will always try to make 1 blog post per week and i might make more if something reallly cool or something happens. I spent the last couple days hanging with dripstone and friends. We've been starting to play old minecraft with nostalgic mods from those old mod reviews from like 12 years ago lmao.

Still really excited for the scott pilgrim anime, no release date yet, but theres already a netflix listing for it so it should be soon hopefully! also trying to get everyone in dripstone gathered up so we can watch the mario movie because of how highly people have talked about it. If we cant do it in person, we might have to settle for sharescreening it on discord and having a movie night. Devin has already seen the movie in theatres though so idk. anyways, its late and im tired as fuck, i promise this everytime but i will try and get the blogs out sooner (as if anyone even read them looolllll). See you later, goodbye! (i love you)

blurred lines

March 31st | 11:46 PM

Hello! not much this week but scott pilgrim anime was announced yesterday so im really happy about that. People thought i had cancer because i had every symptom for it but i dont. Theres a teacher that is still convinced i have cancer though lol.

I used to wear glasses but now i wear contact lenses and i never take them off. I had to go to an optometrist a couple days ago for a regular vision check since i have myopia (basically my eyes are weird and make far objects really blurry). Its pretty common but i have a REAALLLLY high strong version of it. I had to take my contacts off to test my normal vision and i literally could not see my own hands it was all just a blured mess lmao. Anyways, im gonna start actually trying in school since i have been getting really into psychology and therapy. For a long time, i was really stuck on what i wanted to do as a career, but ive been finding a lot of joy and happiness from helping other people with their problems and mental issues and i want to get into that type of stuff more. also ill start the links and "about me" parts of the website soon, now that that the scott pilgrim anime actually got announced after being rumored and leaked for a long time, ill most likely start work on a shrine for that in the future. Ill post more actually meaningful stuff about me and whats happening about me in the future, but for now, Goodbye!

random stuffs

March 23rd | 1:29 PM

Hello! I was gonna write this blog earlier (like always lmao) but for some reason i started feeling REAALLLLY SICK (i literally could not get out of bed or drink water or anything). Eventually it went away but i still dont know what it was. Im also pretty sure i have an iron deficiency too. (also the braces are actually going well, the pain stopped, i can actually bite again, and im noticing a change in my teeth!)

anyways, some other stuff that doesn't involve me being sick or whatever, i bought a bunch of random posters and stuff and they should come pretty soon. I've been a really big fan of the Scott Pilgrim series for years (i love the books but kinda hate the movie lol) so i got some of that to hang on my wall! I'll put some pictures of the posters on the blog when they arrive. I'm also thinking of revamping the wrbebsite more since its been a looooong time since i updated any part of it except for the blog (maybe a scott pilgrim shrine??!!?!?) Il'll have more stuff in a little bit, in the meantime, goodbye!

birthday and stuff

March 19th | 12:23 AM

Hey! My birthday was a couple days ago (the 17th.) i spent the day with friends and doing random shit like just dance on the wii. I also became friends with a person i used to have a lot of drama with, so im happy that its over.

I was going to post this yesterday but neocities was down for the entire day lmao. Ive been kind of lacking on going on other neocities websites so im going to spend this vacation time to go through them. Goodbye and thanks for reading!

hate hate hate hate

March 10th | 7:25 PM

Heeeelloooooo! I got braces and i fucking hate it. My teeth have always been fucked up but not to the point where i have to get a metal thing on my teeth to make them straight. The amount of fucking pain i get from eating, drinking or even just sitting there doing nothing makes me :c. Got out of classes for a while because of them though so thats cool. I have to go back in a month to put the bottom layer of the braces on and i think that is when i will legit want to die lmao.

another fight at school and it was kind of boring ngl. Anyways, ill have more to talk about later, this weeks just been kind of boring, but next week is my birthday so hopefully i do something instead of staying in my room doing nothing. Goodbye!


March 8th | 9:08 PM

Hello again! School and stuff has been keeping me busy me for a while so i haven't gotten time to update the blog lmao. Some of my friends and people from my school reported this kid called Matthew for being sexist and racist. Nothing has happened yet but I could be called as a witness soon (some other people have already been called as witnesses though). Other than that, Im planning to get an ACTUAL JOB with "REAL" PAY. Im going to work at a Publix with one of my friends soon in the summer, so im really excited for that! Recently, ive been doing WAY better in school and I also finally realized what I wanted to do in the future. Im going to pursue Psychology so i can become a therapist in the future. Ive already dabbled in stuff like this such as helping friends with some of their issues and even helping people with suicidal thoughts, so im pretty happy that eventually in the future, ill be able to help other people and make a life out of doing something that i love to do!

Im also planning a matching outfit to wear in my schools dance and i really love how it looks! Anyways, next blog post will be sooner (hopefully). Goodbye!


March 2nd | 10:28 PM

Hello! i am VERY late on this post, sorry lol. Ill try and update the blog sooner. Nothing has really happened to ME recently other than I've started to notice that i have started to act way different to people than before. Looking back on it now, i acted like an actual egotistical asshole, and people tell me that ive changed and that they actually enjoy talking to me now.

Anyways, I'll eventually have ACTUAL new videos up on my channel though. Im also getting new images of Scotch (the "brand" character for me and this website and just a funny little guy that i associate with myself.) They are mainly drawn by friends from school who have actual talent (such as Micah, the person who made the images that are currently on the website), also another one of my friends, Jonathan, wanted me to link his youtube channel here. so here. I'll make another blog post SOONER than the amount of time it took me to make this one, i promise lmao. Goodbye!

some new stuffies!

Feburary 24th | 11:15 PM

Hello! bit late on this post, been planning some stuff in school. I added a links page to the site. I'll be adding a bunch of other links in there other than just my personal page. Such as links for people in Dripstone and even just the links of other cool relics of the internet! I'm still working on the about section and im gonna try and make the blog look more consistent with the main page. after a while (and i mean a WHILEEE) i might try and rehaul the entire website, completely new layouts and stuff, just for a fresh change.

Outside of the website, some dude was smoking weed in the bathroom (and others were smearing shit everywhere i guess) at school as a "prank" so they closed off the bathrooms for a while. I'm gonna try and hang out with some friends over the weekend, trying to help one of my friends cope with a breakup and attempting to bake a pie with another. Anyways, ill make more blogs more often, goodbye!

im working on it!

Feburary 22nd | 10:33 PM

Hello again! New stuff planned for the website (as always). Like I said last time, I wanted to add stuff like a Gallery and a shrine for a certain something (coming sooonnnn). Next logical thing to add which will probably be on my high priority list will be an "About" section and a "Links" section. I noticed that I didnt have an efficient way to add everyones links on the frontpage so i decided to just make a seperate page for it. The "About" section will be mostly about me, ill maybe have a seperate little thing detailing some minor stuff of dripstone members but its mostly going to be about ME. I'm also trying to just make the website more focused on me and make it more personal, which is why i want to add stuff likes shrines.

Anyways, thats about it. I'll start editing this website more and more as the days go by. I dont feel like ill truly think that im done editing the website, and thats what i love about it. Cheers!

MANY new changes!

Feburary 21st | 2:20 PM

I am so unbelievably tired. when i made my last blog post at 7:50 AM, i started working on the website, and i lost track of time. I didnt go to class today so i've just been updating this website for nearly 7 hours straight in one sitting! (well, some of it was spent surfing over peoples websites lol). I finished up the 2 blogs and added archives for them. Im planning on only having one blog post up at a time, which means that the last blog post would get put into the archive, WHICH MEANSSSSSS THAT ARCHIVE IS GOING TO GET FILLED UP FAST. Eventually i will try and sort the archived blogs by month and then day.

Im pretty happy i decided to start a website on here. It gives me something to do when im bored and lets me burn 7 goddamn hours of my morning. I also really love the neocities community, it makes me wish we had the old internet, back when everyone DID have their own websites. Everyone was their own webmaster, they could say what they want and make their website look however they wanted. but for real, im really thankful that i found neocities, just surfing through websites makes we really happy, and i get even happier when i edit this one. ALso, in the coming days, i want to make this website be more human. more lively. I'll add stuff like a gallery and even shrines (i already have some in mind!). Im gonna go take a nap, see you soon, cheers!

New Changes!

Feburary 21st | 7:50 AM

Heyooooo! New layout for the blog! i actually really like it a lot, because i can show off some cool art that was made by Micah! You can go and find them on Tumblr HERE. They are taking commissions, check their Tumblr bio for more info!

anyways, the website and blog are still really unfinished and i still have a lot i want to change about it, but as of right now, im really liking it. I'll finish some of the other stuff after im done with class.